Parking information

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  • Parking Fee Information

    Use hours Fee details Free hours
    Daytime 8:00 ~ 22:00 1,000 won per 15 minutes when exceeding the free time 30 minutes free after entry
    Nighttime 22:00 ~ 8:00 500 won per 30 minutes when exceeding the free time
    • Operating hours: 24 hours
    • Maximum parking fee per day (When entering on daytime: 64,000 won /When entering on nighttime: 65,500 won)
    • We do not operate commuter pass sales due to narrow parking space issues.

    Free Parking

    Contents Free parking hours
    Hospitalization, discharge 8 hours (on the same day)
    Operation 8 hours (on the same day)
    Emergency Room 8 hours (on the same day)
    Comprehensive examination 8 hours (on the same day)
    Outpatient medical care and examination 4 hours (on the same day)
    General health examination (Visa) 4 hours (on the same day)

    Free parking only once a day

    Advance Parking Fee Settlement

    Classification Place of settlement Payment method
    Main building 2nd floor: Next to the coffee shop in front of the entrance Credit card
    1st floor: Back gate entrance, next to the exit booth
    B2: Next to the central elevators
    Steel parking lot 2nd floor: Next to the exit booth Credit card

    Unmanned Parking Fee Machine

    • How to use: For a patient (guardian) visiting the hospital for medical treatment, if you register your vehicle number at the unmanned payment machine after payment, the parking fee reduction will be automatically processed.
    • Registration information: If you register your car number once, you do not need to register again for the same car in the future. (If the existing registered car plate number has changed, it needs to be deleted and then registered again.)

    Information on Registering a Parking Vehicle at an Unmanned Parking Fee Machine

    1. 1 Parking registration · confirming change
    2. 2 Enter registration With Patient's hospital ID number
    3. 3 Enter last four digits of the vehicle plate number
    4. 4 Select the vehicle.
    5. 5 Confirm the vehicle plate number and register it.
    6. 6 Registration complete

    Matters to Observe when Using the Parking Lot

    • Prohibit the entry of flammable or dangerous materials into the parking lot, smoking and handling of inflammables.
    • If you damaged a facility of the parking lot or other vehicles or equipment, or have an accident, report it immediately to the parking office (extension1495).
    • Please park your car in the parking zone.
    • Be sure to lock the door and do not leave valuables in the car.
    We will refuse to provide parking services if any of the following applies.
    • When a user does not comply with the parking lot compliance
    • When a user or a related person is known to have caused significant disorder in the parking lot.
    • When a vehicle that is carrying dangerous goods, or disrupts the parking lot management is trying to park