Emergency Medical Treatment Information

Inquiry 02-3779-1199 (Emergency Room Nursing) / 02-3779-1817 (Emergency Room Doctor) / Main building, 2nd floor
Emergency Medical Treatment Information
Emergency Medical Center visit and procedures
  1. Reception : Fill out an application form and submit it with patient’s ID card at the reception / payment window of ER
Initial medical treatment and deciding whether to be hospitalized or discharged
  1. When you submit the filing receipt to an emergency room nurse, your doctor will decide whether you to leave and stay in the hospital after emergency examination (Blood test, urine test, x-ray, CT, etc)
    • Hospitalization procedure
      • The patient to be hospitalized shall conduc the hospitalization procedure at the reception/payment window of ER
    • Hospital room assignment
      • Once you are assigned to a hospital room, you will be transferred there.
    • Discharge procedure
      • Submit the discharge confirmation form to the reception/payment window of ER and pay the medical expenses
    • Medication
      • Receive your discharge medicines with a medicine excharge ticket that is on the lower-right of the receipt once the ticket number is shown on the electric bulletin board at the pharmacy on the first floor


  • In the Emergency Room, priority is given to emergency/serious patients, and bed placement may vary according to the severity of the patient’s condition and a guardian should be present at all times.
  • There is no meal service in the Emergency Room. Please before eating food or water, check whether food is needed for the patient’s examination and treatment and use outpatient restaurant or 7-Eleven on the 1st, floor.