General Health Checkup (National Health Insurance Corporation Checkup)

General health checkup 02-3779-1422, 1420 / VISA physical examination 02-3779-1406 / FAX 02-3779-2357 (General Health Checkup Center on Main Building 3F)

The Catholic University of Korea’s Yeouido St. Mary's Hospital General Health Checkup Center conducts the first checkup for adult diseases, a life-changing period checkup, and five major cancers checkup conducted at the National Health Insurance Corporation. We carry out physical examinations for employment and recruitment, driver's license aptitude test, physical examination for license issuance, physical examination for a person having gunpowder, gun, and sword, and visa physical examination for foreign countries such as the United States, and the best medical staff that always makes every effort to provide the most convenient and satisfactory services using the latest equipment.

  • General Health Checkup

    • Local household, workplace subscriber, family members of 40 years old or older, and dependents
    • Conducted once every two years, and every year for non-office workers.
    • 40 and 66 years old people are subject to a life-changing period health checkup
    Checkup items
    • Primary health checkup: 21 items including interview medical examination, examination of the patient's posture, chest radiography examination, blood test, and urinalysis
    • Secondary health checkup: 6 items to check for 3 diseases including consultation and health education on checkup results for hypertension and diabetes suspected persons and cognitive dysfunction high risk group

    Life-changing Period Health Checkup

    Subject Persons who are 40 and 66 years old
    Checkup items
    • 40 years old: 24 items including hepatitis B antigen, antibody checkup (subject only) and health diagnosis, results and health risk assessment consultation, mental health examination, lifestyle assessment (evaluation and prescription) in secondary checkup
    • Age 66 years: 24 items such as physical examination and consultation, mental health examination, elderly physical function test, and evaluation of lifestyle in a secondary checkup (evaluation and prescription)

    Cancer Checkup

    Gastric cancer Breast cancer Colon cancer Liver cancer Cervical cancer
    Checkup items Gastroscopy or gastrointestinal imaging: In case of abnormality, biopsy after gastroscopy Breast X-ray imaging (both sides) Primary: fecal occult blood test
    Secondary: Colonoscopy, biopsy in case of abnormality
    Liver ultrasound, serum fetal protein test Cervical cytology
    Age 40 years old or older 40 years old or older 50 years old or older 40 years old or older High risk group 20 years old or older
    Cycle Two years Two years One year Two times a year (first half, second half) Two years


    • You do not have to make an appointment for a general health checkup. You must fast from 12:00 am on the night before the test and visit the hospital with an empty stomach on the checkup day.
    • Please do not wear valuables or ornaments, but wear light clothes.
    • For women, please avoid the checkup within 2 ~ 3 days before menstruation and within 7 days after menstruation.
    • If you have diabetes, do not take insulin or diabetes medicines on the morning of your checkup.
    • Cervical cancer checkup should be avoided during menstruation and is possible 7 days after menstruation. If you have had a hysterectomy, or if you have no sexual experience, please ask in advance.
    • For gastric cancer checkup, you can have either an endoscopy or gastrointestinal checkup.
    • A gastrointestinal endoscopy can be reserved by phone, but gastrointestinal imaging can be reserved only in person.
    • A gastrointestinal endoscopy is performed by a general endoscopy or a sleep endoscopy, and you must make an appointment.
    • You can take your hypertension medication early in the morning with a small amount of water.
    • Please stop taking your heart medicine and peripheral circulation improvement agent after consultation with your doctor.
    • Please do not take thrombolytic agents (such as aspirin) 1 week before the checkup.
    • If you want to have a sleep gastrointestinal endoscopy, you will bear the cost of sleep management. A sleep gastrointestinal endoscopy checkup is possible when you are accompanied by a guardian.
    • For a colorectal cancer checkup, only those who are 50 years of age or older will have a stool test first. If a positive result is found, a colonoscopy or a colon contrast image checkup will be conducted.
    • As for stool tests, collect 2 ~ 3 regions as big as beans in a container with a lid or a plastic bag, keep it cool and bring it back.
    • You can make a phone appointment if you want to do a colonoscopy checkup at your own cost. Checkup and sleeping management expenses shall be at your own cost. A sleep endoscopy is possible when you are accompanied by a guardian on the checkup day.
    • Please stop your heart medicine, thrombolytic agent and peripheral circulation improvement agent after consultation with your doctor.
    • Liver cancer checkup will be conducted only for those registered in the National Health Insurance Corporation due to liver illness as a result of past medical treatment. Please note that a liver cancer checkup can only be reserved in person.
    • NHIC checkup days for Saturday are 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, but liver ultrasonography and serum fetoprotein tests are available every Saturday. Keep that in mind when you make an appointment.
    • Bring the checkup ticket and ID card on the checkup day, and bring the confirmation letter you received at work if you are a workplace subscriber.

    Checkup Time

    Weekday: 8:00 ~ 11:00

    Checkup Inquiry and Appointment Time

    Weekday: 13:00 ~ 16:30

  • Physical Examinations for Employment and Recruitment

    Preparation materials for checkup
    • ID card, two 3X4 photos (taken within the last 3 months)
    • Fasting more than 8 hours
    Checkup contents
    • Blood test: Anemia, liver function, cholesterol, blood sugar, syphilis, etc.
    • Urinalysis
    • Chest radiography
    • Doctor's medical examination by interview
    Checkup time Weekday: 8:00 ~ 11:00
    Checkup cost Costs may change annually.

    Driver's License Aptitude Test

    Preparation materials for a checkup Renewal of class 1 driver’s license
    Checkup contents Driver's license, two photographs (one photograph is required for submission to a driver's license test center or a police station)
    Checkup time Weekday: 8:00 ~ 11:00
    Checkup cost 10,000 won
  • Preparation Materials

    • ID card (two 3X4 photos for the physical examination of a person having gun, sword, or chemicals)
    • Fasting is not required.

    Checkup Time

    Weekday: 8:00 ~ 11:00

    License Type

    • Doctors, dentists, oriental medicine doctors, midwives, nurses, clinical pathologists, radiologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, herbalists, occupational therapists, dental technicians, dental hygienists, medical recorders, opticians, hygienists, paramedics, prosthetists and orthoptists
    • Dietitians, cooks
    • Guns and swords permit
    • Cosmetics manufacturing and sales persons, beauty and cosmetics specialists , funeral instructors
    • Drugs • Hemp dealers, wholesale exporters

    Medical Certificate

    If the results are normal, it takes 3 ~ 5 days.