Hospitalization and Discharge Procedure

    1. Step 1 Hospitalization decision
      • After receiving outpatient medical treatment, if the attending physician determines that hospitalization is necessary, the patient or guardian should go to the hospitalization procedure window on the first floor by 5 o'clock or the emergency hospital admission window after 5 o'clock.
    2. Step 2 Hospitalization procedure
      • After confirming the scheduled date of hospitalization and surgery (in case of a surgical patient), fill out the hospitalization agreement and write one joint surety.
      • Joint surety qualification: Priority is given to immediate family members as a legal adult. If there is no immediate family member, he/she shall be a relative or an acquaintance.
    3. Step 3 Assignment of a hospital room
      • A patient to be hospitalized will be informed on the day of hospitalization (between 10:00 am and 12:00 am) by SMS.
      • The day of hospitalization may be delayed if do not have enough discharge patient to ready on your scheduled hospitalization day.

    Matters to Be Attended in Hospitalization


    Patient’s hospital ID card, personal hygiene items (underwear, slippers or house shoes, toiletries, toothpaste, toothbrush, personal mug, kleenex, etc.), guardian bedclothes, etc.

    Personal hygiene items are available at the convenience store(7-Eleven) on the first floor

    Hours of hospitalization procedure
    • Weekdays 15:30 ~ 17:00 - Hospitalization procedure windows at the admission / admistration team on the first floor
    • Weekends and Night (after 17:00 on weekdays, after 12:00 on Saturday): Hospital admission window at the Emergency Room on the second floor
    • A patient scheduled to be in day surgery center or special occasions: Hospital admission window of the Emergency Room on the 2nd floor at the pre-notified time.

    Depending on the circumstances on the day of hospitalization, the preferred hospital room class and the assigned hospital room class may differ.

    1. Step 1 Discharge decision
      • If the attending physician decides to discharge a patient, a nurse will confirm it.
    2. Step 2 Payment of discharge medical expenses
      • After insurance examination on medical expenses, discharge medical expenses are calculated. The patient will be informed when calculation is complete.
      • Hospital room fees estimation: Hospital room fees are based on the day of hospitalization, and are not calculated on the day of discharge.

        However, if you are hospitalized or discharged after 18:00, the hospital room fee will be 50% of the daily regular fee.

    3. Step 3 Discharge procedure
      • Go to the payment / reception window (No. 13, 14) and pay the hospitalization expenses.
      • If you are scheduled for outpatient appointment and checkup after discharge, you can pay for it in advance.
      • Receive discharge payment receipt, medicines from the in-hospital pharmacy, and go back home after getting the nurse’s station confirmation.

    Holiday and Night Discharge Procedure

    Conduct the provisional discharge procedure at the reception window in the Emergency Room, make adjustments after 2~3 days or on the day of visit. (Bring the provisional discharge receipt) at the payment window (13, 14) on the second floor.