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We are committed to achieving the best treatment results.


Since the foundation of St. Mary’s Hospital in 1936, the Department of Orthopedics was established in 1960. The department was led by Professor Kim Hak-hyeon who was the first department head, followed by Professors Moon Myeoung-sang, Kim In, Woo Young-gyun, Lee Seung-gu, and Song Seok-hwan. Currently, Professor Kwon Sun-yong who is the 7th head of the Department of Orthopedics and seven other faculty members are in charge of special clinics of subspecialty, providing medical services with the aim of achieving the best treatment results.

We not only perform around 2,000 sophisticated surgeries including arthroscopic surgeries and replacements of knee joints, hip joints, shoulder joints, and elbow joints every year, but also provide correction of diverse congenital and acquired malformations in the upper and lower limbs such as hands and feet, microsurgical correction and reconstruction, and surgical treatment for incurable orthopedic damage in the peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and spinal nerves such as brachial plexus damage as well as the treatment of various diseases and trauma in the limbs and spine.

We treat around 30,000 outpatients a year by using state-of-the-art medical equipment to make an accurate diagnosis of various diseases. We focus on not only basic research, but also clinical application of experimental study results to identify each joint’s biomechanical characteristics and molecular biology and develop bioabsorbable materials.

Our Services

Hands, upper limbs, bone and joint tumors, microsurgery and reconstruction, knee joint injury and diseases, arthroscopic surgery for knee joints and total joint replacement, total replacement of hip joints, hip joint fracture, osteoporosis, pelycalgia, hip joint injury and diseases, lower extremity trauma, herniated cervical (lumbar) disc and stenosis, lower extremity fracture and trauma, foot diseases (hallux valgus, ankle instability, arthritis, and cartilage damage), arthroscopy, pediatric orthopedics, and general orthopedics

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